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Application For Grant Of License

Any person desirous of obtaining a license for commencing or using any premises for food business under the Act and these regulations may apply for the grant of a license in writing to the Authority stating the-

  • kind of food or products likely to be handled
  • processes to which the food is subject; and
  • dimensions of the business

Online Apply for License

Step 1: Registration Link

Click –– to register for license.

Step 2: Complete your Personal Information

Provide your personal information by clicking on the ‘edit profile’ link.

Step 3: Add Business Details

Add business information for which you intend to get license.

Step 4: Apply for License.

Click on ‘Apply for License’ button to apply for business license. Take a print of your application and keep it safe.


  1. If food business activities such as manufacture, storage, and sale are intended to be conducted or carried out at different premises, separate applications shall be made
    for the grant of licenses for each such premises.
  2. An application under this regulation shall be deemed to have been submitted to the Authority where it is accompanied by a proof as to the payment of license fee.
  3. The Authority may, subject to confirmation of the veracity of the information submitted by the applicant,
    grant a license to the applicant or food operator, as the case may be, set out in Schedule IV or decline it after it has taken into consideration-
    • confirmation of information submitted by the applicant; and
    • The findings of an inspection undertaken by the Food Safety Officer in relation to compliance with food safety requirements under the Act ; and
    • after verifying previous record of the food operator as to his compliance with provisions of the Act.
  4. Anyone furnishing false information under this regulation shall be liable to punishment under section 27.