Government of khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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Food handlers hold a central part in any food business, and thus their proper training on food safety can increase the quality of food. The KP FS&HFA understands the role and importance of food handlers in the whole food chain and has a special focus on the training of food handlers. The authority is working to establish training schools for the food handlers in the province. In this regards the first step has already been taken, and three training schools for food handlers in Peshawar, Abbottabad and Mardan are near to completion. In the next phase, the training schools will be further extended to the rest of the province.
The Authority conducts training sessions of food handlers after regular intervals, targeting various segments of the food sector. The food handlers are also trained on the use of testing machines; such as dairy-related handlers were trained on the use of Gerber Machine. The Authority also extends its technical expertise to the food handlers, helping them in establishing model food businesses or improving their existing procedures. In the last six months, the authority has conducted training of food handlers related to dairy businesses, the edible oil industry, tea & spices industry among many others.